Law Students Against Alito

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sample Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In your coverage of Judge Samuel Alito, you have not addressed the growing opposition to Alito’s nomination among America’s law students. This opposition is telling. Law students are particularly well equipped to see this nomination for what it actually is: an attempt to place a member of a small conservative minority on the Court in order to dramatically shift the balance of the law to the far right.

Many of my fellow students and I oppose this nomination because a Court controlled by movement conservatives like Judge Alito will roll back our right to privacy, will overturn years of progress on civil rights, and will strip Congress of the power to solve pressing national problems, such as keeping guns out of our schools and domestic violence out of our homes. We hope all Americans will join students around the country in demanding a more mainstream appointment to the Supreme Court.

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Law Students Against Alito