Law Students Against Alito

Monday, November 07, 2005

What’s Wrong With Alito?

Conservatives are out in force all over the media trying to convince people that Samuel Alito is “mainstream.” We know that’s a lie. Judge Alito is a darling of the radical right and has been for years. Moderate leaders need to explain in simple and cogent terms why Samual Alito is wrong for America. So we’re hosting a contest to collectively put together the Top 10 Reasons Samuel Alito Is Wrong For America.

America’s law students have read the case law and understand legal doctrine. We can explain why Judge Alito is an extreme conservative whose appointment to the Supreme Court would mark a radical and undesirable shift in the law. E-mail us or post a one-sentence comment below with your reason why Samuel Alito, based on his judicial opinions and the judicial philosophy of the conservative ideological movement, is wrong for America. We’ll compile the top 10 reasons and release them to the media and share them with the Senate Judiciary Committee.