Law Students Against Alito

Monday, November 07, 2005

You Want Answers? We Think We’re Entitled To Them

We know Judge Alito is a radical conservative, but during the Senate hearings the Administration will try to portray him as a mild-mannered mainstream nominee. Of course he won’t admit to having an “agenda,” but not having an announced agenda does not mean he won’t radically alter the balance on the Court. During these hearings, Senators must show Judge Alito to be what he is: a conservative from the far right of the spectrum.

What questions should Senators ask to force Judge Alito to explain his conservative viewpoints to the American people? Dahlia Lithwick has suggested a few to get us started at the end of this recent piece in Slate. E-mail us or post your questions here and we will send the best to the Judiciary Committee. If a radical conservative is going to be appointed to the Supreme Court, America deserves to know exactly what that will mean for our future.